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A KOI Story

A spirited girl transforms into a mer-girl to befriend an unhappy koi. They swim to the koi’s grotto and embark on a fantastic adventure. Inspired by an ancient folktale.

Girl and koi fish. Arched windows. Perspective. Fantasy. Middle Grade Fiction.

It was so much fun to put together this project. I wanted to create a believable world where fish can swim in air and a girl could turn into a mermaid and visit an underwater grotto. Spaces where characters exist fascinate me. I love to bring my interest in landscapes to my illustrations. You can see the entire project at A KOI STORY.

Mermaid. Mer-girl swimming in pond. Koi fish, grotto. Fantasy. Middle Grade Fiction.

When developing a character in a variety of poses and moods, I bring them into a separate Adobe Photoshop file and work on them together for consistency.

Head turns of Girl. Expressions. Middle Grade Fiction. Drawing.


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